Relief from Severe Partial Bowel Obstruction that You Can Do At Home

Are you currently experiencing pain of an unknown origin in your abdomen? Does the slightest bit of movement send you from feeling cool to hot?  Do you feel weak and out of breath?  Have you ever had a bowel obstruction before?  If you have had a bowel obstruction before and have gone through the surgical extraction method to remove diseased area you have opened your body up to scar tissue.  This scar tissue that develops in your abdomen makes for a weak spot in your body.  What I have found is that when I have gotten really sick, such as cold or flu, or when I have eaten certain agitator foods (raw vegetables, too much watermelon, etc…) I develop these uncomfortable cramps in my stomach.  This is a quiet storm ready to erupt into a volcano at just the right moment.  Sad thing is a combination or any one of these triggers can put you in a position of having a severe, debilitating bowel blockage.

If you’re like me and do not have a primary care physician or regularly go to the doctor this is not a position you want to be in.  The current medical system is swamped with its current patients and the list for taking on more patients means that you will find yourself months out before you can get somebody to see you.  Which means if you feel the way I did a couple of days ago, without a home remedy you are destined for an emergency room.  At the emergency room your options get more bleak.  Just look it up, one option is to put an NG tube down your nose into your stomach to get the gas and the food out.  Yes, I have had one and it is as uncomfortable as it sounds.  You will also have to take in fluids from an IV because during this process you will not be able to eat or drink anything by mouth.  You will see the most disgusting stuff come out of your nose that you will ever want to see.  The next thing would be some form of laxative, so do it at home or do it there.  If blockage is detected the possibility of surgically removing it, well that is what they will recommend.  Be advised that once you go down this route it can become a slippery slope of future bowel inflammation as the reconnect site will become weakened because of a nasty thing known as scar tissue which  makes you more susceptible to relapse, and the cycle continues.

Naturopathic doctors have more accessibility but without the equipment necessary for detecting the location of your blockage they are somewhat shooting in the dark, yet they are still a great source to call.  They typically have a heart for people to be well even if it doesn’t mean they get a copay out of the deal so they can be an excellent source for remedial help in the event that you find yourself in a bind.  The ideal situation is if the best of both worlds could collide.  In this tight situation I was in I found that there are some seemingly unhealthy things that you can do that can bring about a healthy result.  Likewise I have also found that there are some benefits of allopathic diagnosis technology that although it can make you susceptible to some less desirable side effects do have some major benefits.  For instance having an x-ray or ultrasound of the infected area of the bowel assists those who desire to use a more natural approach to healing to locate the target area of weakness.  This is ideal when using transdermal liquids such as homeopaths or essential oils.  For the sake of helping future generations I am not opposed to reasonable vulnerability to potentially cancer causing agents such as radiation on a minimal basis to show to others including allopathic doctors the evidence that naturopathic methods do work.

Finally, after going through two days of excruciating pain, a sore belly because the blockage wouldn’t allow for too much stool to pass through, and pockets of gas was stuck in the lower abdomen.  Still some tenderness in the lower abdomen so I am taking it easy not quite running a marathon yet, but recognize the importance of mobility to bowel movements so will be walking as soon as my body gives me the go ahead.  However, today I turned a corner and what allowed me to do so are two remedies that worked very well for me in the past.  A saline solution enema purchased from Fred’s coupled with LOTS of prayer as anyone who has done an enema knows that it comes with its own awkward cramps and with the tough bowel blockage I had I had to incorporate some laying on of hands in the real tender spots on my stomach with circular motion moving the blockage up the intestines to the anus.  Once that process was done, I still didn’t pass as much stool as I thought was needed, which concerns me but I did pass a lot more than I was moving on my own, so my plan is to buy some temple cleanse to do a more thorough cleansing until I can get a colonic later on.  However, this didn’t stop my cramping or abdominal pain by itself.  Relief would come ultimately with the drinking of coca cola.  Yep that same stuff that can corrode battery acid off your vehicle actually helps provide relief from bowel obstructions.  Thought it was a fluke but third times a charm.  I have had three close calls and in all three I have used the coca cola and within a day of using it and in actuality within an hour relief can be felt.  Trust me, I am not an advocate for soda, and yes reading the ingredients makes me cringe because I absolutely oppose high fructose corn syrup, but unfortunately no other soda works as well.  Tried a natural root beer, but not as effective as that battery acid eating coke.  So basically what I am saying is save yourself the thousands of dollars that you will spend not to mention your time and the pain you will go through at the emergency room and in the hospital and try a coke first.  If it doesn’t work the emergency room is always available, but if it does, you may be able to make it until you can get a visit from a primary care physician that could be months down the road or squeeze an appointment in from your current provider which could be weeks down the road.  We are living in a day and age where if we are going to survive we are going to have to scour the internet for home remedies and try some of the things they suggest or we will find ourselves prey to a medical system that is as clogged our bowels.


Frankincense: The Oil Of The Heart


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Clove Oil And It’s Fight Against Free Radicals


The Six promotions of Clove oil, in this video we will learn about the six benefits of clove oil and how you can use this powerful antioxidant in your life.


  • Powerful antioxidant properties – clove oil has the highest ORAC score of any substance. Meaning it knocks out free radicals like a Heavy weight champ.
  • Promotes circulation – Clove oil raises the human body’s metabolism by boosting blood flow and decreasing body temperature. A rise in blood circulation generally means a decrease in tension of the arteries, a problem generally related to tension headaches. Ultimately, with regard to diabetes, improved blood circulation will assist in preventing a number of the very harmful side effects of this dreadful disease which can result in amputations, major problems, and sometimes even loss of life.
  • Supports cardiovascular health – Polypehnol is able to improve lipid profiles and prevent oxidation of cholesterol thereby reducing the risk of heart attack and atherosclerosis. As well as curcumin, it can inhibit COX-2, a protein responsible for inflammation. Clove oil is even included in many toothpastes, dental creams and throat sprays. Thanks to it’s strong antibacterial effects, eugenol is one of the most potent blood purifiers. If you have gum disease, you can take cloves internally or apply clove oil on to the inflamed gums. Just don’t over do it.  Clove oil is also able to reduce formation of blood clots since it is a natural blood thinner, while inhibiting the aggregation of platelets thereby reducing the risk of heart attack.
  • Helps soothe teeth and gums – the analgesic properties of clove oil makes this an absolute life saver if you can’t get to a dentist.
  • Promotes oral health – The germicidal qualities of the oil make it quite effective for alleviating odontalgia, dental pain, sore gums, and mouth ulcers. Why wait till you need it to use it? When in fact if you use it before you need it, you may never need it. By adding a drop to your mouthwash or your toothpaste you can incorporate this powerful oil into your daily routine easily and smoothly. Coupled with Myrrh I take a q-tip and on one side one drop of clove on the other side one drop of Myrrh and I rub across my gums.
  • Supports a healthy immune system – Researchers at the Department of Pharmacology, University College of Medical Sciences, in Delhi, India conducted a trial involving the essential oil of clove. They tested the effect of the oil on red blood cells and found it caused a significant increase in the primary as well as secondary humoral immune response.


Understanding Our Love Affair with food

Warm, inviting, always enticing
Calling us in the night with a nonstop appetite
to excite, an addiction like no other
It’s a craving you can’t miss
A habit you can’t kick
Not subduing it will inevitably make you sick
So what can we do, when something
rich, smooth, and charming comes knocking
It is a heart breaker and soul taker
A deal maker for those tempted and deceived
It gains its attraction from our need, for comfort
Comfort foods
Yet how cunningly rude it is, it intrudes on your life
and subtly makes you forget all your worries
It’s sensational and an unbreakable addiction without Christ
Putting it aside for even a day makes most think twice
and others won’t even try
It’s full of sweet nothings that call you in the night
Putting on pound for pound while making rounds in your psyche
it’s a battle for the revenue
No longer seeking what’s best for you
Attacking you in the night
And though you try with all your might you just can’t bite
No pun intended
It’s lure to our palette is sweet and tempting
But yield not
For it’s greatest detriment isn’t pounds added
But with the pounds added the life subtracted
Causing sickness and disease
Lord Help us, for it is Him who we need
Not an attachment to things
It’s only once we lose our minds that we see
See him as he sees us
Fit and robust
Ready to complete every good work, that we must
Seek not to compensate with that which cannot fulfill
But yield to the only pill that works
the Gospel for in it is life and that more abundantly
When we understand our love for Him, this will balance our every need

Torie McLaughlin (C) 2016

Review: Ebates

photostudio_1479075103174.jpgUPDATE: As stated on the original review this should be a no brainer, especially if you are brave enough to buy things online anyway.  This is an extension of the savings that most people enjoy by comparison shopping online.  Easy to use, computer integrated which means if you are shopping anyway on a site that uses their services they alert you and you choose whether or not you want the savings to apply by clicking “activate”.  If you are like me you are cautious about the amount of information you are willing to share about yourself, but not so cautious that you are willing to pay the 50 to sometimes 70% mark up you pay by purchasing onsite.  There is a list of stores that you can benefit from both online and offline.  My review is based on online purchases and referrals.  I have not yet used the link to card for instore purchases yet, but will share for those adventurous enough how you can get started saving money in stores.  Another benefit of EBATES is they do not spam you with a lot of useless snail mail.  I wish I could charge a trash fee for the amount of junk mail and unsolicited mail that I get sent to my mail box.  But the first and only piece of mail I received in the mail from Ebates was my check, and that kind of mail you can send everyday.


Occasionally, they have double cash back deals and these stores only represent a few of the many stores that you can enjoy savings with.  So whether you are buying clothes, electronics, or specialty meats Ebates has a wide variety of products and services that you can earn money from.  So now I am looking into adding a card to my account so that I can save money on in store purchases.  The fact that Wal-Mart is on the list is news enough that I need to begin using it to start saving money today, both in the store and online.Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

For those like me who are leary about giving your account information to any company to have on file I have a perfect solution.  Link a prepaid account, with a prepaid account when shopping at your local Ebate’s sponsored stores you can enjoy the ability to get cash back and maintain your personal privacy.  I will say for those who choose to purchase using prepaid cards your safest option is to set up your prepaid account online and have the money come directly out of your debit account for purchases when needed.  You have the ability to set debit limits this is an added security feature that will protect you from getting wiped out completely.  Adding money at your local stores means providing sensitive information accessibility to a person and unfortunately you can’t always trust that person.  Whereas, setting things up online as long as it is on a secured server (https) not (http) provides you with encrypted technology which will limit the ability for hackers to readily gain access to your personal information.  All in all the potential addition of savings makes it well worth the try.  If you have used the linked account service would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment below would love to hear your thoughts.  Watch the video below to find out how to set up your In-Store Cash Back account with Ebates and happy shopping!

Finally refer a friend is another way to make extra cash.  Why not share the savings with others.  You are guaranteed to buy many things this holiday season, might as well save money as you shop and help your loved ones save money too.  This is the current promotion so there’s no reason NOT to start saving and making money today!!

Click here to sign up and start reaping the benefits of sharing.

So this should be a no brainer if you shop online.  I have used this for a short period of time now, but I like it.  The idea, the money, the limitation of information required to take part in the cash exchange process.  I have been a member of Savings Catcher through Wal-Mart which is a phone app, and this is ten times better and you get paid ten times more ten times faster.  First and foremost the savings catcher has it’s good points such as keeping up electronically with your receipts.  Because I don’t know about you but I hate having to keep paper, you never know when you need to return something so you keep it.  But then the issue of where you keep it so that it doesn’t become accumulated clutter.  The entire process is aggravating after a while.  But Ebates, makes it simple.

First and foremost the sign up process is quick and painless.  You can either sign up with your existing Facebook or Google+ account.  If you prefer not to link this account with your social media you can opt to sign in with your email.

Do you enjoy traveling?

Among the hundreds of companies that Ebates is connected to is Expedia, Priceline, and other travel companies, which means you can save money on expensive plane tickets, hotels, rental cars, etc…  Great thing is while the price may not vary too much between purchasing on Expedia or Priceline, your cash back through Ebates may vary which means you can save perhaps even more from Priceline or Expedia depending on which one at that time is offering the better deal.  This helps keep our travel companies on the competitive edge, ahh the perks of capitalism.

If you are an Ebayer?  You will be glad to know that anything you purchase on Ebay would also be subject to discounts through Ebates.

photostudio_1472072005052Once again the simplicity of Ebates is this, once you sign up a neat little icon (see picture to your left) appears at the right hand corner of your file menu bar and you’re done.  You don’t have to click it, just when you enter a website partner the daily rebate special appears, you select yes if you want to save money, and no if you don’t, that simple. No hard thinking required, you just have to decide that you want to save money and if the answer is yes expect a check..

If you have heard enough click the check below and give it a whirl.  You have nothing to lose except cash off your purchases.






Review: Progressive Integrative Medical Center of Atlanta, GA

Update:  Hope for Progressive, while an apology and a commitment to improve communication was really all I was hoping for.  I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the problem I had with them was addressed and hopeful that my review has helped facilitate the changes that I know will make the services they offer an invaluable alternative to the status quo services currently available.

Save Your Money, Look Elsewhere!

Let me start by saying what I thought was the beginning of a beautiful relationship turned out to be that date you thought went well but you didn’t get a call back. Literally this is what happened. After extracting my blood spending about 5 hours in their office between three different practitioners and both blood and urine tests I thought we were heading in the right direction. I left the office with a phone consult rather then being able to do an in person follow up visit since I lived out of state, and apparently that’s where I went wrong. Obviously the inability to extract an additional $150 from me on an in person follow up visit meant they would hold my test results hostage and not meet their obligation to follow up with a call back. I literally called them the day before my appointment to advise them my phone wasn’t working and to give them another number to call me on. Called them the day of, an hour before to confirm they had the right number, and again after they were late an hour. Waited most of that day for a call.  Called back, told receptionist to have someone email me my $690 test results, that I was capable of reading myself and even that wasn’t done. After two weeks no response I called back and the second day I called back finally got through to the patient advocate who told me they tried to call on the wrong number, and after I told her the corrected number was provided and I still didn’t get a call back or email, and told her when I was told you would send me email the next day because you were out the office, she told me they knew she was on vacation that whole week. Only revealing they had no intentions of a follow up with my results. Needless to say this experience ended just like a bad date that you’re the last to know about, disappointing. I would NEVER recommend them. And here’s the kicker after this horrible experience the patient advocate thought I would spend another $575 on a stool test with them. I advised her clearly our business is done and to please email me my test results, and the only light at the end of this tunnel is she did send them in the time frame she said she would. So while I am still a fan of alternative, integrative medicine sadly Progressive Integrative Medical Center doesn’t make the cut and I will have to keep shopping for a reliable company to do business with.

Why Lavender is the Balm?

First and foremost this applies to High Quality oils only, and all oils are not created equal or for the same purpose.  This particular testimony is based on Young Living Essential oils and Organic Aloe Vera Oil.  Make sure you do research and only use high quality oils made for therapeutic purposes when applying topically.


If you are interested in health or have a business that you would like to incorporate Essential Oil based products in don’t hesitate to contact me for more information on how Essential Treasures 24/7 can help enhance your business offerings.

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Savvy Rebates with Ebates

Looking to earn a little bit extra for the holidays? Want to make your Black Friday dollars stretch? Consider joining Ebates. Ebates allows you to get money back on purchases you are already making. Offering money back on purchases from popular stores can help you buy more and save more.


Earn more money faster? Ebates rewards you for sharing this good news with your family, friends, and loved ones.

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Be a part of giving the gift that keeps on giving, no I don’t mean the dreadful fruit cake, but I do mean rebates on your purchases. If you shop online or in stores, joining ebates is free but gives back many rewards. Don’t need any extra shopping cards or gift cards, add your bank card to your account and get money as you shop locally at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target or wherever you go. The price of everything is skyrocketing and every saved penny will be needed for other interests.

To read my full review and testimony on Ebates click on the pic below.


The Gene Altered Apple Will It Keep the Doctor Away or Bring Him Into Play?

Another food to look out for folks, and no wonder Altered food brings BIG BUCKS to the Franken food industry, as well as the potential dividends to come on the back end for the pharmaceutical and medical industry.  If you have been wondering why you can cut into an apple and it seemingly doesn’t decay?  As of February 2015 the reason could be because you have been eating one of a growing list of man made laboratory foods found at your local grocers.  Unsurprisingly our government has continued to approve food like edibles in favor of BIG BUSINESS, but at the potential expense of the people.   It has received the stamp of approval without the requirement of safety testing.  That’s right the testing market is none other than you, the unaware consumer who because of government policy doesn’t have the right to know they are not eating real food, but instead “substantially equivalent” substitutes. Since labeling of foods for this laboratory concoction is not required we have to depend on special interest lobby groups, which we should continue to support to make this information available to us.  However, Monsanto started the trend but are not the only players in the field.  This new decay resistant food like substance was created by Okanagan Specialty Fruits.

Interesting enough the biotech industry says this food is “safe to eat”, but their concern is bottomline will consumers take the bait.    My first question is how can a company that has done NO TESTING whatsoever dogmatically make a claim saying their laboratory concoction is safe to eat?  That’s a BIG claim with no evidence to be making, but they must know it won’t be received which would explain why they refuse to label their products.  Instead they are going to sneak it through the food industry, while making a debut in the grocery store, because let’s face it we are less likely to ask where the source of apples come from at a restaurant then we are reading the package ourselves in a grocery store.  Obviously it will definitely be in favor of restaurants to purchase who have no clue how many people will buy something they have already purchased and prepared in a given day, but the question is, is it in the best interest of your health?

I have been saying for years make sure that you are reading the labels on the stuff you buy this just means don’t limit your search to the processed aisles of the store, make sure you keep track of the labels on the produce aisle as well.  Currently, as of September 29, 2016 an added apple to the GMO list is Arctic Golden and Arctic Granny.

According to the NY Times, “Neal Carter, the president of Okanagan, said the apple had “a lot of silent supporters” and would be popular with the food service business. “I can’t believe how many requests we’ve had just this morning to our website from people who want to buy trees,” he said.”

The same article reported concerning Monsanto, “The engineered trait is also one of the few meant to appeal to consumers; most of the traits so far, like insect resistance and herbicide resistance, have been aimed at helping farmers.”

Question number one how can an untested food like item appeal to me as  a consumer?  Unless you are banking on my ignorance, and unfortunately that seems to be the primary reason these companies thrive because they like cowards don’t even believe enough in their food to inform you that is what you are eating.  Which then again is my point how can you give me what I want when you aren’t even telling me what foods have your genetically modified trait in them?  How can something I don’t know about possibly be for me?  Now the second part represents the truth, I can see how an insect resistant or herbicide resistant food like substance could benefit farmers, but again the question is how can we attest to the “safety” of a product that has not been tested?  While beneficial to farmers is questionable, at least from the history I have seen between Farmers and Monsanto in the past, but putting that aside for now.  To say something is safe without adequate testing is presumptuous at best, and dangerous at worst.  Either way I encourage you to do your own research, and stick with untainted seeds which come from the ground, not engineered in a lab.





Fruit Flakes

Fresh and dried fruits added to an organic bran flake crust. The only reason I didn’t add nuts is because I didn’t have them.  Excellent, filling, Shabbat breakfast to get a good start, not too heavy, not too light, but perfect for having a day with your heavenly Father and your family started right.  

Shabbat Shalom!