Relief from Severe Partial Bowel Obstruction that You Can Do At Home

Are you currently experiencing pain of an unknown origin in your abdomen? Does the slightest bit of movement send you from feeling cool to hot?  Do you feel weak and out of breath?  Have you ever had a bowel obstruction before?  If you have had a bowel obstruction before and have gone through the surgical extraction method to remove diseased area you have opened your body up to scar tissue.  This scar tissue that develops in your abdomen makes for a weak spot in your body.  What I have found is that when I have gotten really sick, such as cold or flu, or when I have eaten certain agitator foods (raw vegetables, too much watermelon, etc…) I develop these uncomfortable cramps in my stomach.  This is a quiet storm ready to erupt into a volcano at just the right moment.  Sad thing is a combination or any one of these triggers can put you in a position of having a severe, debilitating bowel blockage.

If you’re like me and do not have a primary care physician or regularly go to the doctor this is not a position you want to be in.  The current medical system is swamped with its current patients and the list for taking on more patients means that you will find yourself months out before you can get somebody to see you.  Which means if you feel the way I did a couple of days ago, without a home remedy you are destined for an emergency room.  At the emergency room your options get more bleak.  Just look it up, one option is to put an NG tube down your nose into your stomach to get the gas and the food out.  Yes, I have had one and it is as uncomfortable as it sounds.  You will also have to take in fluids from an IV because during this process you will not be able to eat or drink anything by mouth.  You will see the most disgusting stuff come out of your nose that you will ever want to see.  The next thing would be some form of laxative, so do it at home or do it there.  If blockage is detected the possibility of surgically removing it, well that is what they will recommend.  Be advised that once you go down this route it can become a slippery slope of future bowel inflammation as the reconnect site will become weakened because of a nasty thing known as scar tissue which  makes you more susceptible to relapse, and the cycle continues.

Naturopathic doctors have more accessibility but without the equipment necessary for detecting the location of your blockage they are somewhat shooting in the dark, yet they are still a great source to call.  They typically have a heart for people to be well even if it doesn’t mean they get a copay out of the deal so they can be an excellent source for remedial help in the event that you find yourself in a bind.  The ideal situation is if the best of both worlds could collide.  In this tight situation I was in I found that there are some seemingly unhealthy things that you can do that can bring about a healthy result.  Likewise I have also found that there are some benefits of allopathic diagnosis technology that although it can make you susceptible to some less desirable side effects do have some major benefits.  For instance having an x-ray or ultrasound of the infected area of the bowel assists those who desire to use a more natural approach to healing to locate the target area of weakness.  This is ideal when using transdermal liquids such as homeopaths or essential oils.  For the sake of helping future generations I am not opposed to reasonable vulnerability to potentially cancer causing agents such as radiation on a minimal basis to show to others including allopathic doctors the evidence that naturopathic methods do work.

Finally, after going through two days of excruciating pain, a sore belly because the blockage wouldn’t allow for too much stool to pass through, and pockets of gas was stuck in the lower abdomen.  Still some tenderness in the lower abdomen so I am taking it easy not quite running a marathon yet, but recognize the importance of mobility to bowel movements so will be walking as soon as my body gives me the go ahead.  However, today I turned a corner and what allowed me to do so are two remedies that worked very well for me in the past.  A saline solution enema purchased from Fred’s coupled with LOTS of prayer as anyone who has done an enema knows that it comes with its own awkward cramps and with the tough bowel blockage I had I had to incorporate some laying on of hands in the real tender spots on my stomach with circular motion moving the blockage up the intestines to the anus.  Once that process was done, I still didn’t pass as much stool as I thought was needed, which concerns me but I did pass a lot more than I was moving on my own, so my plan is to buy some temple cleanse to do a more thorough cleansing until I can get a colonic later on.  However, this didn’t stop my cramping or abdominal pain by itself.  Relief would come ultimately with the drinking of coca cola.  Yep that same stuff that can corrode battery acid off your vehicle actually helps provide relief from bowel obstructions.  Thought it was a fluke but third times a charm.  I have had three close calls and in all three I have used the coca cola and within a day of using it and in actuality within an hour relief can be felt.  Trust me, I am not an advocate for soda, and yes reading the ingredients makes me cringe because I absolutely oppose high fructose corn syrup, but unfortunately no other soda works as well.  Tried a natural root beer, but not as effective as that battery acid eating coke.  So basically what I am saying is save yourself the thousands of dollars that you will spend not to mention your time and the pain you will go through at the emergency room and in the hospital and try a coke first.  If it doesn’t work the emergency room is always available, but if it does, you may be able to make it until you can get a visit from a primary care physician that could be months down the road or squeeze an appointment in from your current provider which could be weeks down the road.  We are living in a day and age where if we are going to survive we are going to have to scour the internet for home remedies and try some of the things they suggest or we will find ourselves prey to a medical system that is as clogged our bowels.


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