Review: Progressive Integrative Medical Center of Atlanta, GA

Update:  Hope for Progressive, while an apology and a commitment to improve communication was really all I was hoping for.  I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the problem I had with them was addressed and hopeful that my review has helped facilitate the changes that I know will make the services they offer an invaluable alternative to the status quo services currently available.

Save Your Money, Look Elsewhere!

Let me start by saying what I thought was the beginning of a beautiful relationship turned out to be that date you thought went well but you didn’t get a call back. Literally this is what happened. After extracting my blood spending about 5 hours in their office between three different practitioners and both blood and urine tests I thought we were heading in the right direction. I left the office with a phone consult rather then being able to do an in person follow up visit since I lived out of state, and apparently that’s where I went wrong. Obviously the inability to extract an additional $150 from me on an in person follow up visit meant they would hold my test results hostage and not meet their obligation to follow up with a call back. I literally called them the day before my appointment to advise them my phone wasn’t working and to give them another number to call me on. Called them the day of, an hour before to confirm they had the right number, and again after they were late an hour. Waited most of that day for a call.  Called back, told receptionist to have someone email me my $690 test results, that I was capable of reading myself and even that wasn’t done. After two weeks no response I called back and the second day I called back finally got through to the patient advocate who told me they tried to call on the wrong number, and after I told her the corrected number was provided and I still didn’t get a call back or email, and told her when I was told you would send me email the next day because you were out the office, she told me they knew she was on vacation that whole week. Only revealing they had no intentions of a follow up with my results. Needless to say this experience ended just like a bad date that you’re the last to know about, disappointing. I would NEVER recommend them. And here’s the kicker after this horrible experience the patient advocate thought I would spend another $575 on a stool test with them. I advised her clearly our business is done and to please email me my test results, and the only light at the end of this tunnel is she did send them in the time frame she said she would. So while I am still a fan of alternative, integrative medicine sadly Progressive Integrative Medical Center doesn’t make the cut and I will have to keep shopping for a reliable company to do business with.


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