The Gene Altered Apple Will It Keep the Doctor Away or Bring Him Into Play?

Another food to look out for folks, and no wonder Altered food brings BIG BUCKS to the Franken food industry, as well as the potential dividends to come on the back end for the pharmaceutical and medical industry.  If you have been wondering why you can cut into an apple and it seemingly doesn’t decay?  As of February 2015 the reason could be because you have been eating one of a growing list of man made laboratory foods found at your local grocers.  Unsurprisingly our government has continued to approve food like edibles in favor of BIG BUSINESS, but at the potential expense of the people.   It has received the stamp of approval without the requirement of safety testing.  That’s right the testing market is none other than you, the unaware consumer who because of government policy doesn’t have the right to know they are not eating real food, but instead “substantially equivalent” substitutes. Since labeling of foods for this laboratory concoction is not required we have to depend on special interest lobby groups, which we should continue to support to make this information available to us.  However, Monsanto started the trend but are not the only players in the field.  This new decay resistant food like substance was created by Okanagan Specialty Fruits.

Interesting enough the biotech industry says this food is “safe to eat”, but their concern is bottomline will consumers take the bait.    My first question is how can a company that has done NO TESTING whatsoever dogmatically make a claim saying their laboratory concoction is safe to eat?  That’s a BIG claim with no evidence to be making, but they must know it won’t be received which would explain why they refuse to label their products.  Instead they are going to sneak it through the food industry, while making a debut in the grocery store, because let’s face it we are less likely to ask where the source of apples come from at a restaurant then we are reading the package ourselves in a grocery store.  Obviously it will definitely be in favor of restaurants to purchase who have no clue how many people will buy something they have already purchased and prepared in a given day, but the question is, is it in the best interest of your health?

I have been saying for years make sure that you are reading the labels on the stuff you buy this just means don’t limit your search to the processed aisles of the store, make sure you keep track of the labels on the produce aisle as well.  Currently, as of September 29, 2016 an added apple to the GMO list is Arctic Golden and Arctic Granny.

According to the NY Times, “Neal Carter, the president of Okanagan, said the apple had “a lot of silent supporters” and would be popular with the food service business. “I can’t believe how many requests we’ve had just this morning to our website from people who want to buy trees,” he said.”

The same article reported concerning Monsanto, “The engineered trait is also one of the few meant to appeal to consumers; most of the traits so far, like insect resistance and herbicide resistance, have been aimed at helping farmers.”

Question number one how can an untested food like item appeal to me as  a consumer?  Unless you are banking on my ignorance, and unfortunately that seems to be the primary reason these companies thrive because they like cowards don’t even believe enough in their food to inform you that is what you are eating.  Which then again is my point how can you give me what I want when you aren’t even telling me what foods have your genetically modified trait in them?  How can something I don’t know about possibly be for me?  Now the second part represents the truth, I can see how an insect resistant or herbicide resistant food like substance could benefit farmers, but again the question is how can we attest to the “safety” of a product that has not been tested?  While beneficial to farmers is questionable, at least from the history I have seen between Farmers and Monsanto in the past, but putting that aside for now.  To say something is safe without adequate testing is presumptuous at best, and dangerous at worst.  Either way I encourage you to do your own research, and stick with untainted seeds which come from the ground, not engineered in a lab.






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