Simply Delicious French Toast

The only thing better than fried bread is fried bread with egg. I know fried foods are in general considered a no no. However, there are healthier ways to do fried, if fried is what you are doing. While I do not condone even with healthy ingredients over indulging in this delightful dish, I can say you can in moderation and properly done make this a healthier choice than most cereals you eat. Here is how I make my Shabbat French toast.

0916161026.jpgI make sure I use bread void of HFCS (high Fructose Corn Syrup) at a minimum and preferably organic, today that wasn’t an option.

0916161025 Cage free eggs, as many as you need for your family.  Obviously organic cage free would be most ideal, but if on a strict budget can find cage free eggs at Wal-Mart for under $3.00 for a dozen.

0916161026a.jpgalmond milk (without carrageenen, preferably not processed in a factory that uses dairy, like that does a lactose intolerant person any good, but check the label there are products for sell that includes dairy.


cinnamon powder keep that sugar regulated,


a pinch of salt, iodized sea salt a great healthy salt option.


1 tbsp of balance complete, multiple ways to use this vitamin and mineral fortified powder.

and cooked in organic coconut oil




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