Understanding Our Love Affair with food

Warm, inviting, always enticing
Calling us in the night with a nonstop appetite
to excite, an addiction like no other
It’s a craving you can’t miss
A habit you can’t kick
Not subduing it will inevitably make you sick
So what can we do, when something
rich, smooth, and charming comes knocking
It is a heart breaker and soul taker
A deal maker for those tempted and deceived
It gains its attraction from our need, for comfort
Comfort foods
Yet how cunningly rude it is, it intrudes on your life
and subtly makes you forget all your worries
It’s sensational and an unbreakable addiction without Christ
Putting it aside for even a day makes most think twice
and others won’t even try
It’s full of sweet nothings that call you in the night
Putting on pound for pound while making rounds in your psyche
it’s a battle for the revenue
No longer seeking what’s best for you
Attacking you in the night
And though you try with all your might you just can’t bite
No pun intended
It’s lure to our palette is sweet and tempting
But yield not
For it’s greatest detriment isn’t pounds added
But with the pounds added the life subtracted
Causing sickness and disease
Lord Help us, for it is Him who we need
Not an attachment to things
It’s only once we lose our minds that we see
See him as he sees us
Fit and robust
Ready to complete every good work, that we must
Seek not to compensate with that which cannot fulfill
But yield to the only pill that works
the Gospel for in it is life and that more abundantly
When we understand our love for Him, this will balance our every need

Torie McLaughlin (C) 2016


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