Review: Ebates

photostudio_1479075103174.jpgUPDATE: As stated on the original review this should be a no brainer, especially if you are brave enough to buy things online anyway.  This is an extension of the savings that most people enjoy by comparison shopping online.  Easy to use, computer integrated which means if you are shopping anyway on a site that uses their services they alert you and you choose whether or not you want the savings to apply by clicking “activate”.  If you are like me you are cautious about the amount of information you are willing to share about yourself, but not so cautious that you are willing to pay the 50 to sometimes 70% mark up you pay by purchasing onsite.  There is a list of stores that you can benefit from both online and offline.  My review is based on online purchases and referrals.  I have not yet used the link to card for instore purchases yet, but will share for those adventurous enough how you can get started saving money in stores.  Another benefit of EBATES is they do not spam you with a lot of useless snail mail.  I wish I could charge a trash fee for the amount of junk mail and unsolicited mail that I get sent to my mail box.  But the first and only piece of mail I received in the mail from Ebates was my check, and that kind of mail you can send everyday.


Occasionally, they have double cash back deals and these stores only represent a few of the many stores that you can enjoy savings with.  So whether you are buying clothes, electronics, or specialty meats Ebates has a wide variety of products and services that you can earn money from.  So now I am looking into adding a card to my account so that I can save money on in store purchases.  The fact that Wal-Mart is on the list is news enough that I need to begin using it to start saving money today, both in the store and online.Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

For those like me who are leary about giving your account information to any company to have on file I have a perfect solution.  Link a prepaid account, with a prepaid account when shopping at your local Ebate’s sponsored stores you can enjoy the ability to get cash back and maintain your personal privacy.  I will say for those who choose to purchase using prepaid cards your safest option is to set up your prepaid account online and have the money come directly out of your debit account for purchases when needed.  You have the ability to set debit limits this is an added security feature that will protect you from getting wiped out completely.  Adding money at your local stores means providing sensitive information accessibility to a person and unfortunately you can’t always trust that person.  Whereas, setting things up online as long as it is on a secured server (https) not (http) provides you with encrypted technology which will limit the ability for hackers to readily gain access to your personal information.  All in all the potential addition of savings makes it well worth the try.  If you have used the linked account service would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment below would love to hear your thoughts.  Watch the video below to find out how to set up your In-Store Cash Back account with Ebates and happy shopping!

Finally refer a friend is another way to make extra cash.  Why not share the savings with others.  You are guaranteed to buy many things this holiday season, might as well save money as you shop and help your loved ones save money too.  This is the current promotion so there’s no reason NOT to start saving and making money today!!

Click here to sign up and start reaping the benefits of sharing.

So this should be a no brainer if you shop online.  I have used this for a short period of time now, but I like it.  The idea, the money, the limitation of information required to take part in the cash exchange process.  I have been a member of Savings Catcher through Wal-Mart which is a phone app, and this is ten times better and you get paid ten times more ten times faster.  First and foremost the savings catcher has it’s good points such as keeping up electronically with your receipts.  Because I don’t know about you but I hate having to keep paper, you never know when you need to return something so you keep it.  But then the issue of where you keep it so that it doesn’t become accumulated clutter.  The entire process is aggravating after a while.  But Ebates, makes it simple.

First and foremost the sign up process is quick and painless.  You can either sign up with your existing Facebook or Google+ account.  If you prefer not to link this account with your social media you can opt to sign in with your email.

Do you enjoy traveling?

Among the hundreds of companies that Ebates is connected to is Expedia, Priceline, and other travel companies, which means you can save money on expensive plane tickets, hotels, rental cars, etc…  Great thing is while the price may not vary too much between purchasing on Expedia or Priceline, your cash back through Ebates may vary which means you can save perhaps even more from Priceline or Expedia depending on which one at that time is offering the better deal.  This helps keep our travel companies on the competitive edge, ahh the perks of capitalism.

If you are an Ebayer?  You will be glad to know that anything you purchase on Ebay would also be subject to discounts through Ebates.

photostudio_1472072005052Once again the simplicity of Ebates is this, once you sign up a neat little icon (see picture to your left) appears at the right hand corner of your file menu bar and you’re done.  You don’t have to click it, just when you enter a website partner the daily rebate special appears, you select yes if you want to save money, and no if you don’t, that simple. No hard thinking required, you just have to decide that you want to save money and if the answer is yes expect a check..

If you have heard enough click the check below and give it a whirl.  You have nothing to lose except cash off your purchases.







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