Thieves Oil the Blend That Wins

A Well Rounded Oil

If the signature product for McDonald’s is the Big Mac then the signature product for Young Living would have to be Thieves oil. This product is used in their line of

  1. Personal Hygiene Products
    1. Skin Care
    2. Oral Care
  2. Cleaning Products
    1. Household cleaning
    2. Clothes washing
    3. Kitchen Ware

You could easily meet your Essential Rewards points just on purchasing these products alone, and protect your health, the environment, and save money in the process.


A Little Goes A Long Way


A few drops can save you so much money, and even if you didn’t choose to buy the products already provided you can make so many of your products from this oil itself. It also doesn’t hurt that it smells good, which makes it the ideal perfume. One that does more than just make you smell good, but helps you feel good. A dab a do ya.


Become a Thieves Enthusiast!


Join Young Living today and begin revolutionizing the atmosphere of your home. The benefits of using these oils in your home are innumerable. If you are tired of everyone in your home getting sick? Want to make your home more eco friendly and remove all the harsh and harmful chemicals you are bringing in your home? Are you just ready to bring the benefits of the air outside into your home, then you want to become a Thieves Enthusiast. To become an Essential Treasures Thieves Enthusiast it only requires you to do three things.


  • Become a Member of Young Living. Why pay Retail when you can get started wholesale. Order the Thieves Starter Kit.
  • Become an Essential Rewards member – This is optional but by becoming an Essential Rewards member you save money on shipping and begin to collect points that lead to free oils.
  • Get rid of all of your other chemical laced cleaning supplies and start using your Young Living Thieves Oil kit as soon as it comes in. Enjoy infusing your home with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal natural products and bring the sweet cinnamon smelling oil into your home. It will be a welcoming fragrance that you won’t want to be without.

To find out how you can start using every product in your kit immediately in your home see my “Thieves Household Kickstart to a Healthy Life” video. The link to this video will be sent to you directly from me after you sign up as a Young Living Member and order the Thieves Starter Kit.



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