Minty Mango

As I stated in a prminty mango.jpgevious post, I have been dealing with an unwanted and uncomfortable case of constipation.  I remembered the words of wisdom my grandmother shared with me before she passed concerning prune juice.  How it can help unplug you.  So I decided to give it a whirl.  A few days I heated it up as described, but then a stroke of genius hit me.  The sweetness of prune juice with the combination of other fruits and essential oils may take the undesirable after taste away not to mention the smell.  So that is why one of the ingredients in this smoothie includes prune juice.  Using it synergistically with the Slique which includes spearmint means that it will also be helpful with soothing the stomach.  I could have used peppermint oil as well and I have for bowel upset.  If you are experiencing IBS I highly recommend keeping peppermint on hand, apply it neat, in water, or in a capsule, within 30 minutes repeatedly I have experienced relief from diarrhea using this EO (essential oil).

Stay posted I am still working on my 5 essential must have oils list, and plan to post the first oil tomorrow.  The versatility of essential oils is one of the reasons why I am such an advocate for others to use it.  Not too many substances have the ability to remain potent without expiration, be used aromatically, topically, and internally without causing some harm.  But high quality essential oils have that benefit.  If you are not a Young Living Essential Oil user I invite you to become one.  My personal reason for staying with them is because they are the oldest company to create high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils.  When “natural” so-called essential oil makers were focusing on fragrance and thus using solvents of different kinds to enhance the scent at the cost of the consumer.  Young Living has majored in producing high quality essential oils that would benefit the body and mind of the individual who inhales it or consumes it.  Become a member and purchase essential oils for wholesale prices and begin incorporating this beneficial resource in your life.



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