Almost Dairy Free Homemade Strawberry Shake


Okay so this year was no different from any other.  Hot, humid, well, what can I say, Louisiana Hot.  Our 100 degrees feel like 150.  The take your breath away kind of heat.  But what do you do if you are lactose intolerant, but you are craving a strawberry shake?  Well I will tell you what I did, I created my own.  Now, I also have IBS and unfortunately lactose makes me constipated and thus I try to eliminate it at all cost. Not necessarily trying to tell you all my business, but lately the constipation has been pretty bad so I started having to take Prune Juice.  Well, I personally don’t have a problem with the taste of it warm, but I thought to myself this beneficial substance can be something I can more easily incorporate in my diet.  I had already planned on trying out a new strawberry shake recipe and since I needed the prune juice anyway, I thought, ey, why not.  Turned out to be fabulous the added sweetness of the prune juice, but the pungent smell and aftertaste that it has was completely masked with the Balance Complete.  (Dairy alert – just read Balance Complete does have whey protein in it, which is a dairy derivative, but can eliminate the Balance Complete and follow recipe as instructed otherwise).  The oats were added just because they are good for your heart, and nothing I blend as a drink will be without apricot seeds, but even it adds the color of vanilla bean that helps give a shake that more authentic appearance.

The ingredients below is the reason why I added Balance Complete, but the next shake I make will be without it.   However, if you can tolerate lactose even in it’s protein form then this is a tasty addition with whey being a definite con for those who are lactose intolerant.  If your issue is constipation the addition of the Prune Juice definitely helped.

I will make another one tomorrow and let you know if any difference in flavor or appearance without Balance Complete.



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