The Endo Buster


So why do I call this the Endo Buster Blend?  Well, when I was going through my personal trial with Endometriosis, after multiple surgeries I realized that God’s way is best.  I began to study health as if my life depended on it, because it did.  Even after the surgeries I had I still had residual pain that shot from my buttocks through my leg, it just was more like a dull ache than an agonizing, debilitating cramp.  Bottomline it was still there.  I begin to search the web and my guiding light through the valley of the shadow was the scriptural wisdom of establishing things in the mouth of at least two witnesses.  So, my first requirement for any course of action is that it can’t hurt me.  Nutritional health can come with that benefit, I knew as long as it wasn’t a food I had a allergy to that it wasn’t going to make the situation worse or give me a new problem to contend with.  So I found articles that shared how women received relief by changing their diet.  They integrated berries (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries) and they cancelled out sugars (during their menstrual cycle).  So I tried it and low and behold it worked like a percocet.  Which was what I was taking at the time for my pain.  Two years ago I begin to get that same pain back after experiencing over 12 years completely pain free.  So immediately I tried to figure out what I was doing wrong.  So again I went online and found a most interesting article based on a study done in Korea.  Where it categorized endometriosis as a “working woman’s disease”.  I reposted an article I wrote a couple of years ago on another blog, click here to read for more information on the “working woman’s disease”.  In the article they stated that radishes were used as a cure for the disease.  This was a vegetable I rarely ate.  Had no clue how to cook it and didn’t care for it in my salads, but then the wonders of smoothies.  This would allow me to find a perfect place to add this beneficial ingredient into my diet without disturbing my sensitive taste buds.  The smoothie listed above includes both berries and radishes.  These are ingredients you will find as a regular part of most of my smoothies for that reason.  I also encourage red clover seeds because upon doing research I found that it is a blood builder, this benefits those with iron deficient anemia based on blood cells being the culprit. In another recipe I will share some other ingredients I include in my smoothies and why.


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