July Newsletter

Who are we?
By: Beloved Bondservant
     This month as we remember the 236th year of our independence from Britain.  The fruitful vine that was once named Vineland because of its bounty has both blossomed to its greatest height, and is currently reaching a major low.  While many still wrestle with whether or not we were founded as a Christian nation or not, I cannot ignore the preponderance of evidence that points to the fact that we were founded on Christian principles.  The amazing connection between the laws of Deuteronomy is woven into the original laws of the U.S. Constitution.  The understanding that our rights don’t come from a King, or even a President, but that our rights come from the Creator is not only still very present in our Declaration of Independence, but is the very document that seared the conscience of a nation that was falling far short of the lofty aspirations that its words revealed.  I am not sure if we have ever reached the fullness of the words written therein, but this I can say as long as the words of the Declaration of Independence remain written and capable of being seen there is still hope. 
     The tide of lies that have been fed in our nation concerning an existence from nothing has been the greatest disservice to our current generation.  The belief that rather than being in the image and likeness of God, we were made in the image and likeness of a monkey has no doubt become the catalyst that has caused our youth to come to the conclusion that school is a useless venture leading to nowhere.  From one generation that died for the privilege to read and write, and recognized that their freedom was attached to that ability, to a generation that sees no relevance in it.  Causing them to lose the very rights by default through ignorance only continues to further this state of loss.
     So, as we prepare for another year to recognize our independence from Britain, let us be mindful to hold fast to our independence in general.  We find ourselves becoming more and more a global society with the inevitable end becoming a one world government.  Yet, we must ask ourselves if we are indeed people of the book whether or not that is the Father’s desire for us?  As we study history, we find that it was when the children of Israel begin to ask for the same things the other nations had that trouble for them began.  They went from being an independent nation with their only leadership being the Creator of heaven and earth, to a nation that suffered horrendous taxation under selected Kings, which inevitably ended in them going into captivity.  So now what do we see before our very eyes, the very same pattern playing out in our nation.  We have gone from a nation that had inevitable rights provided by our Creator, to government given privileges that left and right are being stripped under the guise of security, tolerance, and democracy.  No longer seeking dependence on God, but rather looking to government, hospitals, and businesses to save us. 
     I am here to remind you that a people who don’t remember their past are destined to suffer in their future.  We have to take responsibility for our health, our finances, and our choices and the consequences they may bring.  Not just as a people, but also as a nation.  As the offspring of an irresponsible government and irresponsible capitalistic system, we have followed suit in our personal spending, our personal health care, and the like in passing the buck, not realizing eventually we will run out of hands to pass it to, and the buck will come back to us.  So, today, we have to take charge of our own lives and mind our own business.  We need to no longer turn to the Pastor to reach God for us, the government to pay bills for us, or our doctors to safeguard our lives.  We must take responsibility for our choices, our lives, and most importantly for our relationship with the Almighty.  We were given independence from man, so that we could have a dependent relationship with God, not on man’s terms, but on the Creator’s terms.  So let’s declare our independence to the systems of this world and proclaim our dependence on YHWH to provide for all our needs.
           What’s New
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Also, we have a new Columnist.
I am so very happy to add DonnaMarie as a featured columnist for Essential Treasures.  She is a homeschool mom with more talents then I have space to mention.  She will share her wisdom in tips for how anyone can bring the word of God to their children at home in a way that not only will the whole family enjoy, but will be edified.  Learn arts and crafts that you can do, recipes you can make while teaching your kids, or games you can play that will bring the family together.  Also, find out how you can teach even young kids how to be pioneers or entrepreneurs, learning how to excel in doing that which you love to do.  If you have children or grandchildren you don’t want to miss her tips on homeschooling.  

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A Hebrew Moment
By: Beloved Bondservant

Is the second character of the Hebrew Aleph bet.  To look at it, it resembles the floorplan from an aerial view of a house.  Its concrete meaning is “House” or “tent”.  Because Abraham was nomadic he lived in a tent which is a mobile home in today’s terminology.  He understood this world was not his home, and so he was always on quest looking for a city whose builder and maker was God.  The important question for us is are we?  Thus, the second character also doubles as a preposition meaning “in”.  Because the purpose of the house is to contain a family.  Therefore who lives in a house is what’s important.



The word for son is “bet nun” illustrated above.  The character nun is the picture of a seed sprout, and put together the word means “house seed”.  The son carries the seed of the house he represents.  It is the seed of a man that impregnates a woman, and to go even further, it is the seed of the house that the child is named after.  

Hebrew Word Pictures
If you are enjoying these Hebrew Moment’s I would encourage you to buy the book that got me excited about this beautiful language.  Worth every penny, and if you really want to be a blessing buy one for a friend, family member, or anyone you know who loves studying the word of God.  It is simple, easy to follow, and packed with a wealth of information. 

Life Lesson’s
Set Apart Farm
Thoughts from the Farm
By Donna
I remember being asked once to name something I could do independently, without help. In only a few seconds I named several things, one of which was “read a book”. Happy that I could so easily answer such a silly question, I sat back with a proud, arrogant smile. I quickly learned a lesson I hold dear to this very day.
Following my quick and lighthearted response, I was asked how that book came to be. Someone wrote it, someone cut down trees to make the paper, another bound the book, someone drove it to a bookstore, an employee sold me the book and handed it to me, along with countless others to complete the process of the book getting into my hands. 
With that in mind, I attempted again to name something I could do independently. Every time I tried, it was pointed out to me that another person, in one way or another, made my effort possible. Needless to say, I was unable to come up with anything that did not require the help of another person in one form or another. 
Independence, what does it really mean? Is it important? Is it even possible? Were we really created to be independent? 
I love watching my children play independently, yet it thrills my heart even more when they unite to play a game or accomplish a task. I watch them each independently finish a project that helps complete a school assignment, dependent on the input from each individual. 
There are also times when I will talk to them about working together and accepting help from others and participating in a team effort, working as the “body” (1Cor 12:14). Encouraging them to be a unique independent individual while also humbly and graciously acting in a dependent manner so others may rely on them or conversely. In doing this, we are able to shine His light in every situation.
When we look at Scripture, we clearly see blessings or curses in relation to our obedience to YHWH. When we are obedient, we are rewarded. Not necessarily here in this lifetime, for we are promised treasure in heaven. Sometimes, we are blessed in the here and now because we have acted in obedience. Have you ever given your grocery money to a widow with hungry children, and the next day a neighbor brings you the excess from their garden? Then there is illness, just one of the curses we face because of disobedience. YHWH is faithful to His Word! Just as our children depend on us, we too, look to our Creator and depend on Him. I know the outcome of my actions because I depend on His Word to be truth.
How then do we choose what to do? Do we decide to obey, or do we run after our fleshly desires? We must recognize our independent choices, decisions and actions.  Did Abraham freely choose to obey and act on the decision to take Isaac up that mountain? He didn’t have to obey, he could have pleaded to YHWH or simply offer a different sacrifice. Can you recall a time your heart was spoken to? Did you obey your Fathers quiet voice? I was called to speak to my earthly father about his salvation. I chose to disobey, it was too difficult. The consequence of my independent choice was literally life and death, eternal life or eternal death for my father. Thankfully, I was given another opportunity to obey a week later. 
How often are we tempted to follow our own direction when the path we should be following is laid before us in His Word. My children love to find their “own” way of doing something. We encourage this independent approach, as long as it does not interfere with the goal or the rules that have been established. We too, can be independent, as long as we follow His pattern, His direction, His Torah. We have chosen to homeschool our children. My husband and I come together to decide how and what to teach our three blessings, unconstrained from public or private educational facilities. In doing so, we strive to lead our children to the Father in every subject matter. Praying they too, freely choose to follow and obey YHWH.
Scripture is an invaluable guide for us to know when and how to be dependent and/or independent. So here is the question…where in your life will you be independent and/or dependent? Does your independent attitude or action glorify our Creator? How do your dependent actions shine a light for others to follow Him? What are our children learning by watching us in our dependence and independence?
Read Your Labels
In This Issue
I.  Who Are We?
II. What’s New
III. A Hebrew Moment
IV.  Thoughts From the Farm
V. Read Your Labels
VI.  Oil of Understanding
VII. Quotes To Grow On

Book of the Month
Original Intent
David Barton does an awesome job of explaining the original intent of the founding fathers.  Not understanding the principles in which we as a nation are built will lead to losing the liberties we enjoy.  This book provides the resources available to be able to draw your own independent conclusion based on the facts presented as to the intention of the Founding Fathers concerning our nation. This is a must have resource for anyone who is looking for a  well documented resource that provides evidence as to the intention of the Founding Father’s concerning our nation.
Oil of Understanding
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In The Dwelling Place of the Wise
This oil provides the aromatic woodsy fragrance that adorned the walls, ceiling, and floor of the Solomon’s Temple.  When we look at the benefits of this oil it is no wonder King Solomon the wisest man to live would make this wood top choice. (1 Kgs 6:15) Cedarwood stimulates the limbic region of the brain (the center of emotions), it also stimulates the pineal gland, which releases melatonin.  The smell of this wood although pleasant to us, has the ability to repel insects.  Cedarwood is known to be a durable wood, making it very expensive to purchase.  While many of us don’t have the resources of King Solomon to build our home with this precious wood, with therapeutic grade essential oil we can bring the benefits of this fragrance into our lives at a fraction of the cost.  In a clinical test Dr. Terry Friedmann, MD found this oil was able to successfully treat ADD and ADHD in children. (EODR, Pg 41)  Buy your own 15-mL bottle of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil today for $12.75 + Shipping.
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Source: EODR 4th Edition; page 41
 Buy your own 15-mL bottle of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil today for $12.75 + Shipping.
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Quotes to Grow On

Smarts can help you make money, but common sense helps you keep it. –Beloved Bondservant

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By Beloved Bondservant

 What does it really cost you to get that lather?  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a foaming agent found in personal hygiene products like soaps, shampoos, and toothpaste.  The fact that this agent is inexpensive should be the first sign of its inferiority.  However, this product has a close relative called Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES).  As with anything the enemy produces you better believe there will be duplicates and this is no different.  Remember, we wrestle not with flesh and blood, so don’t allow the enemy to defeat you based on your ignorance.  Be informed because the enemy thrives in our ignorance and gains from our indifference.  As with many other products as consumers begin to read their labels producers begin to use newer names to hide under.  SLS is also known as “sulfuric acid monododecyl ester sodium salt”, however there are over 150 dfferent names by which it is known.  Which like I told you last month a good rule of thumb is if the product you are using has a name you can’t pronounce it is probably not something that should be in your body.  Fortunately due to the potential danger these products can have injested toothpastes with this substance in it carries the poison control label which is your first clue there is a problem.  The very first question you should ask yourself whenever you are using a product is why should I apply something to my skin and worse put something in my body that has a Warning sign attached to it, especially when that sign includes the potential for death?  Hmm….However, as I stated before the wise consumer will do their homework.  But the close relative SLES is more dangerous then SLS While SLS is known to cause skin corrosion and severe irritation in concentrations of 10-30%, SLES has a substance called dioxane in it which is a known carcinogen.  Keep in mind a carcinogen is a substance that has the ability to cause cancer.  So in addition to what you are eating what you are washing your skin with, brushing your teeth with, and shampooing your hair with can cause you to be a candidate for cancer.

Could your hormone problem be a result of imitation hormones mimicking the real ones?  Just like rats can tell the difference between imitation cheese and real cheese our bodies can tell the difference between God created hormones and man manipulated ones.  SLS is not only a skin irritant, but it is also absorbed through the skin.  High levels of skin penetration may occur at even low concentrations?  So those people who say well its only a little in my soap, shampoo, detergent, etc… are taking a risk everytime they get use products with this substance.  Once SLS molecules attach to oestrogen receptors (oestrogen is a hormone found normally in both men and women.), they mimick the effects of the hormone in various body systems.  The result is hormonal chaos.  You can no longer control your own oestrogen levels (or at least, what it sees as its own oestrogen levels – it can’t tell the difference between endogenous oestrogen and SLS) and therefore loses control of many normal endocrine (hormonal) functions.

A.R.T. Skin Care
Thieves Dentarome

Copaiba Vanilla

Kids Lotion

Now personally I don’t like to tell you about what you can’t use unless I can offer you a viable alternative.  For those of you using products with this in it, I recommend you value your life more then the money you wasted on this product.  Purchase a quality noncarcinogenic, non skin irritant, product even if it doesn’t lather the way you like it, it is better to have a little less lather and a higher quality of life then the other way around.  Young Living offers a host of alternatives that would be a much higher quality alternative including Thieves toothpaste which will help you safely fight germs.  Several shampoo choices that boast not utilizing these cheap agents.  I know many reading this may say its so expensive though!  Let me tell you something it is a lot cheaper to keep your health then to try to get it back.  What you spend on maintaining a quality life will save you years of misery and medical bills to try to get it back.  Use the money you will have to spend later on hormone replacement therapy to be good to your body now.  Use the money you would otherwise have to spend on chemotherapy or radiation to keep your body well now.  So my response is find a safe alternative, if the products mentioned here are too expensive go old school.  Baking Soda is a known cleaning agent that is safe to use for teeth brushing, deodorant, and because it absorbs odor excellent to use as an air freshener.  If you gotta have a little taste a little mint goes a long way.  I recommend purchasing some YLTG (Young Living Therapeutic Grade) peppermint oil, place a few drops in your baking soda toothpaste mixture and receive the added benefits of killing parasites or bacteria that can be found in your mouth.  Along with a minty fresh feeling that will stay with you all day.  However, I wouldn’t recommend using it under your arms unless combined with a fatty oil to dilute it.   While therapeutic grade mint is safe to apply neat, in sensitive areas it will tingle which is a natural characteristic of a menthol, but can be uncomfortable for the wearer, but not harmful.  Young Living Thieves oil is another alternative oil that can be used both internally or applied neat to the skin.  Same rules apply if applying as deodorant use with fatty oil (vegetable, coconut, jojoba, olive, etc…)
For more information on studies done on SLS and SLES please click here to read the Journal of the American College of Toxicology report done in 1983.

1 http://www.natural-health-information-centre.com/sls-health-implications.html


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