Day Four – HalleluYAH!!!

Praise Yah!
Did notice today that my left eye isn’t uncontrollably twitching anymore.  All last week I noticed a muscle spasm in my left eye.  That hasn’t happened since I worked at Bellsouth in Atlanta.  I knew it was a nutritional deficiency, but at the time wasn’t committed to making the dietary changes necessary to fix it.  I just figured it would work itself out when I did the nutritive cleanse and it did.  Unlike cleanses I have done in the past the difference with this one is it is not just addressing what needs to be eliminated in my body, but it in combination with the recommended diet to accompany it, is also putting beneficial nutrients back in.

Today, I started early enough to actually take advantage of eating the snack in between shakes.  For my snack I had a small bowl of black cherries and a mixed green salad with chopped strawberries and Braggs healthy vinaigrette salad dressing.  BTW the other day when I had a salad it was the healthy vinaigrette not the Ginger and Sesame but by the same company and you can’t go wrong with either on a salad.

No headaches today or dizziness so based on the schedule of the cleanse I am right in sync.  Another excellent thing about the cleanse is it tells you what to expect during the cleanse for each day.  This is awesome because it tells me they have had enough people taking it to know what results to expect. 

Food and Muse

Noticed most of this week I minimized my television intake to 1 hour a day.  During that time I had no hunger sensations, in most cases I had to make myself stop my online research, writing, or study to eat.  However, today I watched more television then the previous three days and noticed the hunger sensations returned.  I encourage you if you are suffering with weight problems and food addictions to journal the association of your hunger with your television intake.  See if there is any correlation.  Fortunately, I was still writing, researching and working while watching and conscious of the fact that this week I am cleansing, but it is at least food for thought to consider.

BTW yesterday I made my shake with banana and mango and I didn’t like the texture of the mango in the smoothie. 


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