Preparing for your Cleanse!

I don’t know if anyone will be joining me in this cleanse this week and personally it doesn’t matter.  The only thing that matters is I keep the commitment that I made and follow through, and it is my prayer that my journey will inspire you at some point to do the same.  Having that said, I would like to share some thoughts I had today while thinking about cleansing that will help anyone who may decide to do a cleanse or fast for that matter.  These notes will help whether you are cleansing or fasting.

You must have a plan.  Just like when fasting any successful fast requires that you are intently focused on YHWH and hearing from Him.  Putting the desires of the flesh aside to get closer to Him.  You give up something physical to obtain something spiritual.  Likewise when doing a cleanse you are ridding yourself of that which is unprofitable to you and refueling your body with something that is beneficial.

When we say we want to “treat ourselves” we usually think of buying some decadent sugary item that in the end will do far more damage to you then treat you.  Its almost like a deceptive trick or treat, because the treat in this case is the trick.  It as I suppose like John the Apostle said in Revelation tastes sweet in your mouth, but whether you know it or not it does make your belly bitter. 

If you decide to do a nutritive cleanse or any other cleanse for that matter I would highly recommend you prepare first.

1.  Pray – Stay Connected to the Source of Life! By keeping your focus on a higher priority it helps to get your mind off of the food you are used to eating.  In prayer expect God to show you some areas to work on, but also reveal some areas he wants to take you. Have a Spirit of Expectation to hear from Him especially as you begin to take care of your body which He considers His temple. 

2.  Plan –     Be about your Father’s Business! Plan not just what you will eat, but what you will do.  The easiest way to get your mind off of what you are doing is to watch things or do things that you associate with the food that you like.  I am not saying avoid people or places, but make sure that when you go you have a plan.  Having a plan will help you not think about food you shouldn’t be eating. I find when I get into the “zone” (which is a good bible study) where Yah reveals some awesome revelation, I can go hours without realizing I haven’t eaten.  Yet, as soon as I stop and especially if I sit down and watch television the munchy monster appears and quickly reminds me that I haven’t had any food.

3.  Journal – Expect Beneficial Change to Occur! Keep track of your progress.  Whether you are cleansing for maintenance, to reap some sort of physical benefit, or in preparation for a procedure or something.  Make sure you journal what you are doing, and pay attention to your body to see if you are reaping the desired benefit.  Notate any changes you feel.  The changes you feel may not be drastic like losing weight, but it may be emotional, an issue that once plagued you may no longer be an issue.  Or you may notice once you are off the cleanse that something you once craved is no longer desirable to you.  While you may experience some benefits during a cleanse you may experience more afterwards.

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