Day Two

Today was more of my norm, I ended up eating breakfast at 10am.  Breakfast consisted of a Balance complete shake with bananas, pineapples and apricot seeds (7) to be exact.  Felt a burst of energy after taking my two ounces of Ningxia Red and felt satisfied food wise after the shake.  I actually am not feeling hungry or craving anything at all.  It is currently 4:40pm and although I made my shake at 3:50pm it was too warm for me so I stuck it in the freezer.  Plan on drinking it now.   Began to get hungry about 3:30pm.  I have been regular in the restroom and the flatulence has stopped.  Again, so far so good… Of course it helps that I have been preoccupied with my bible study and research as well as cleaning the house and making some essential oil sprays out of my lavendar, and thieves oil. Will keep you posted but so far Day two going pretty good. 


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