Amazing testimony: A Must Read

I had an unexpected opportunity a few weeks ago to travel to Atlanta with some friends of mines.  I had no clue what YHWH had in store, twice I actually started to pick up and bring my Raindrop book, but decided against it thinking this weekend will be an opportunity for me to catch up with my family and minister to them.  However, Yah had bigger plans.  Just like a test how often is it that our first instincts are the correct one?  If I had just brought my portfolio I would have been set.  Nevertheless, Yah still got the glory as usual.  My plan was to hopefully visit with my sister in the Lord, while I was there and get a chance to fellowship with her at Congregation Yahshuruwn.  Little did I know she had purchased a massage table and wanted me to administer raindrop technique on one of her callers at At The Table.  So after Shabbat we did just that, and the next morning she asked me to speak on her radio broadcast, so I did. I just got back in contact with her and found out the results of the raindrop technique that she and I did on Sharon, and on the recording you will hear her testimony of the healing YHWH blessed her with.  Our faith is increased when we hear the testimony of others.  It is also informative, for many not aware of raindrop technique in the teaching I go through the benefits of the 9 oils used along with a few other nuggets that you won’t get if you don’t listen.  I pray that this testimony and the energy of those who had a chance to be there to witness this experience will bless you as well.
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You will want to copy this, listen to it on the road, and share it with a friend.  Feel free to do all of that.  At the Table is a ministry Chantay has been doing for 10 years and she does an awesome job of teaching.  If you are available on Saturday mornings 6:30am CST/7:30pm ET then I would recommend you sign up and tune in.  Biblically sound teachings on God’s desire to heal you.  Practical and scientific wisdom as well, you will be blessed if you tune in and Chantay is an excellent teacher if you don’t understand it will be because you don’t want to.  She breaks it down and her enthusiasm is contagious.  Time is winding down and we need to have the oil of understanding according to the word of Yah and we are going to have to be responsible for taking care of our own health.


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