Day One Nutritive Cleanse Challenge

Its 7:33am and I have just made my first shake.  Not wanting to start out with too much I chose to blend my 2 scoops of Balance complete with approximately a cup of refrigerated pineapples, 7 apricot seeds, and almond milk.  To my surprise because when I opened the balance complete mix it looked like fine particles of cardboard box which is a definite testament to it being high in fiber, the flavor was good.  It smells like vanilla and blended well the consistency was not so thick that you felt like it was labor to get down, but it actually was a perfect texture.  Not as thick as a shake, but definitely not runny like water.  The nutty taste of the apricot seeds actually gives it an almond kick.  I have a few errands to run today so I decided to take it early so that if I have any unpleasant detox responses I can be near a bathroom to properly dispose of that which is undesirable.

At 7:50am I drank my approx. 8-12 oz of water with 2 drops of peppermint oil (YLTG) although I was shooting for 1.  There are two reasons why I chose to put peppermint oil in my water, for starters peppermint oil has been studied by Dr. Alan Hirsch and has been found to stimulate the brain’s satiety center (ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus) to curb appetite.  It is also a digestive stimulant.  Both benefits I have found to be accurate for me in both cases.  I have used peppermint oil during times of diarrhea and within minutes it stopped it, and I have also noticed that by eating it with a meal my appetite was curbed.  So being that detoxing the body may produce such undesirable, yet necessary affects of diarrhea the peppermint in my water seemed like the best choice. 

Finally, after the water I will be taking 2 oz. of the Ningxia Red. If you are not taking a high in antioxidant nutrient rich drink then I highly recommend the Ningxia red, and the beauty of it is you can enhance its benefit by combining it with YLTG (Young Living Therapeutic Grade) essential oils.
The NingXia Red Promise
NingXia Red combines the finest Ningxia wolfberries, proprietary “Nutrient-Guard” preparation, and other all-natural, nutrient-dense ingredients to provide:

  • Dynamic energy and stamina without harmful stimulants (e.g., caffeine, green tea, etc.)
  • Key glyconutrients that fuel vital energy systems
  • Unique protein-polysaccharides that help sustain proper immune function
  • Highest levels of naturally occurring, age defying S-ORAC activity
  • Great taste with no sugary “junk-juices” (e.g., apple, white grape, pear, etc.)

Essential nutrients in NingXia Red also help support the following: Normal cardiovascular function, normal eye health, normal cell growth, and healthy liver function.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Disciple says:

    Just took my Ningxia Red along with one drop of Frankincense. I finished my water just a minute before taking it. How many are like me and can nurse water forever? I am appreciating the requirement to drink water after every regimen, and fortunately you can eat snacks in between if you need to that consist of wholefoods like fruits and (non starchy) vegetables. Yum!


  2. Disciple says:

    I completed day 1 of my cleanse and other than flatulence and very slight dizziness once or twice during the day and needing extra rest it went relatively well. Much easier than some of my previous cleanses. However, everyone's experience will be different and I personally do some sort of cleanse at least 2 or 3 times a year so I am sure that also factors in. My noon snack was more like 1 or 2 pm, but I ate about a half a quart of dehydrated pineapples. Unfortunately I didn't get home until after 4 pm and didn't get to take my second shake until 4:25pm. Much later than I would have wanted to.

    Side note I dehydrated for the first time some string beans and they came out fabulous. I blanched them, seasoned with simply organic garlic salt, Tony Zacheries (not sure about spelling) and coconut oil with Braggs apple cider vinegar to seal in the flavor. Came out crispy like I wanted them and very well seasoned like I wanted them. Excellent alternative especially if you have beans you waited too long to pick for regular cooking. Because in dehydrating they are going to get small the beans being big before you dehydrate them works in your favor.


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